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The outstanding features and uniqueness of HOORAY embroidery machines are as follows.

  • Embroidery machines 15 needles / 12 heads / Drop down
  • Embroidery area up to 400 x 450 mm
  • Can embroider smooth cloth, hats, crotch, shoes and all kinds of ready-made garments.
  • Automatic color change system.
  • 270 degree hat embroidery system that can change the embroidery head quickly Use high quality rotary hook
  • Fast and quiet single foot cam drive system
  • Monitor : Dahao A98 Integrated Control System
  • The transmission mechanism that reduces the noise. (In single head and double head machine) Upper thread cutting system And automatic lower thread
  • Maximum embroidery speed: 1000 rpm for single and double head machines.
  • Adjustable barrel frame handle according to frame size.
  • Can show the embroidery pattern to see before actual embroidery.
  • Use a USB 2.0 port for easy transfer of designs
  • Machine memory of 400 embroidery patterns, 16 million stitches) and supports 400 media changes per embroidery. Save time for users. Because it can be connected to work Both the preparation work and the actual work have the function of automatically adjusting the appropriate frame limit.
  • Multiple languages


Dimensions L5740 x W1150 x H1720 mm
Head 12
Needle 15
Monitor Dahao A98 Integrated Control System
Embroidery area 400 x 450 mm
Speed Max 1000 RPM
Cap Area 75 x360 mm
Electrical 220V/1500W